Environmental Responsibility

The Management of Munoz Enterprises, Inc. recognizes the social and economic importance of protecting the environment and are fully committed to complying with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act.

At M.E.I. we care about the environment. We accept the responsibility entrusted to M.E.I. to conduct our business in a socially, economically, and environmentally responsible manner.

M.E.I. is committed to excellence in implementing standards of care that not only comply with legislated requirements but also respond to the social, economic and environmental expectations of our communities, customers, and government entities.

Leadership and Integrity

By their leadership and exemplary behavior, management will demonstrate that environmental responsibility is critical to Munoz success.  Management is sensitive to the environmental impact of Munoz operations. Employees at all levels will be made aware of the potential environmental impact associated with their activities and will be provided with the tools, processes and training necessary to mitigate any adverse effects on the environment.


Munoz management is committed to establishing standards and work procedures that will enable Munoz to fulfill its goal of safeguarding the environment. In furtherance of this goal, management will ensure that all employees understand their responsibilities and accept responsibility for their actions.

Continuous Improvement

Munoz will adopt programs to aid in the anticipation and reduction of the emission of pollutants and the generation of wastes from our operations.  A focus will be placed on controlling pollutants and wastes at the source. In setting our goals, Munoz will strive for improvements in environmental performance and will encourage innovation, recognize achievement and support research to this effect.


In setting our environmental performance standards and goals, Munoz will strive to achieve levels of performance that not only comply with legislated requirements but also address the social, economic and environmental expectations of our communities and customers.

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