Tank Cleaning & Processing

MEI offers an array of services that can be utilized in every phase of a tank cleaning project, from initial assessment to final disposal. When it requires the latest technology, we offer a solution.

Tank Cleaning Applications

  • Liquid/solid separation
  • Finished product change out
  • Sludge removal
  • On line sludge volume reduction
  • Product neutralization
  • Product slurry
  • High volume wash
  • De-gassing
  • Filter pressing and processing
  • Shaker screen processing
  • +28 Saybolt Color – wall wash requirements

Vapor Control Technology

  • Vapor De-gassing
  • Vapor control during cleaning process
  • Sludge removal
  • Reduced personnel exposure
  • Reduce vapor emissions
  • Shell or roof applications
  • Thermal oxidizer vapor control
  • 99% efficient in reducing VOC’s
  • Meets Texas TCEQ and Louisiana DEQ regulations
  • Eliminates unwanted odors in populated areas

Automatic Tank Cleaning

  • Non-man entry tank cleaning system.
  • Designed to clean larger volume, difficult to clean tanks.
  • Safe, environmentally friendly tank cleaning.
  • Closed-loop cleaning system.
  • Tank cleaning and oil recovery takes place simultaneously

Robotic Tank Cleaning

  • ROV provides alternatives that are not limited by standard material removal methodology.
  • In Service material removal without shut down.
  • IFR maintenance and inspection without man entry.
  • Bulk material removal.
  • Replaces and outperforms manned tank cleaning crew.
  • Operates in IDLH conditions.

Line Cleaning & Pigging Services

  • Product displacement
  • Line cleaning
  • Prepare lines for inspection
  • Prepare lines for hot-work

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