Hydro-excavation is the science of digging with water. This type of excavation is also called vacuum excavation, hydro-digging, hydro-trenching and many other names. But the basic process is always the same. We use pressurized water and a vacuum to remove material safely and efficiently.

Hydro-Excavation: A Safe Digging System

Whenever non-destructive excavation services are needed, MEI’s self-contained trucks dig with 2,000-3,000 PSI water. Forced through a controlled steel lance and small stationary or rotating nozzles, the resulting water and soil slurry is then conveyed through an eight inch vacuum line into a debris tank to be dumped or disposed of at the end of the day.

Our excavations are clean, precise and ready for inspection or whatever further work is required and our operators are thoroughly safety-trained. This process can uncover pipelines, phone lines, fiber optics and anything else buried up to 35 feet underground. The job is done quickly, safely, and without damage to any expensive or hazardous buried lines.

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