Internal Floating Roof Services

MEI provides its customers with various types of services directed at Above Ground Storage tanks. MEI can save you valuable tank down time by working simultaneously during the cleaning operation.

MEI staff is trained and has a strong alliance with Ultrafloat providing OEM parts and procedures for proper quality installation and repair services of floating roofs.

  • Floating Roof Services Provided
  • Mechanical Shoe Seals
  • IFR/Fixed Roof Vents
  • IFR Pressure/Vacuum Vents
  • Column Wells
  • Sample Wells
  • Pontoon Saddles
  • Pivot Joints
  • Clamp Beams
  • Deck Skin
  • Main Pontoons
  • Rim Pontoons
  • Access Hatch

Value-added Services:

  • Hydrostatic Testing Compliance 33CFR of dock load lines and hoses.
  • API 653 Aboveground Storage Tank Inspections and Reporting.

During the conception of the company, it was determined that with the right communication and coordination, we could save our customers overall downtime during their tank outages. With over 35 years experience in the terminaling and storage business, MEI management is aware that one day saved of downtime can be reflected in added revenues due to tanks being placed back into service.

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